Crystal Coat offers you a variety of exclusive, professional car care products that will ensure protection against the elements and also provide safety when you need it most.

Crystal Coat

Crystal Coat Paint Protection

Crystal Coat Paint Protection is a specifically designed sealant product that provides formulated protection to the exterior of the vehicle. Together with a long-lasting interior protection of the vehicle. 

The Exterior of the Vehicle
The formulated coating conditions a crystal-clear boost and shine. Leaving a slick, smooth and immaculate surface.
Everyone wants their vehicle to look new and factory fresh for as long as possible, but this can be a challenge. Tree sap, road tar, bird droppings and even fallout can take their toll on your ride, which is why crystal coat paint protection is so important and absolutely, necessary in maintaining the vehicle in tip-top condition.
Specially enrich polishing oils add a deep, rich wet look to paint, eliminates fine swirls, perfecting the paint prior to applying the crystal sealant. Safe on all paints including clear coats.

Crystal Coat Tyre and Trim is a non staining solution that provides a long lasting shine and is UV protective on all rubber and plastics. 

Product Features
There are two products on offer from with Crystal Coat.
With proper care and maintenance, a sealant layer of Crystal Coating Paint Protection will keep your vehicle looking brand new.
A Ceramic Sealant from Crystal Coat Protection has a longer lasting shine.

Crystal Coat Paint Protection
Paint Protection is an enhanced formulated crystal-clear sealant designed to protect the paint while improving the overall gloss and finish. It is a fully synthetic product providing an outstanding professional coating.
When buying a new car, this product is always offered as an add-on and is highly recommended to customers to ensure the vehicle is kept in best condition.

Crystal Coat Ceramic Protection
Ceramic Protection is a more superior product with the same outstanding professional finish. It provides a deeper and more enriched coating as it is far more superior in its quality. It is longer lasting.
Ceramic Crystal Coat is a hydrophobic layer with a great shine and anti-rust properties as well as UV protection from the sun. keeping the vehicle paint lasting for longer with an incredible finish. 

Crystal Coat

Nasiol Glass Protection

Nasiol Glasshield is an unique and specialised Wipe On rain-repellent hydrophobic nano wipe which is applied to the windshield of your vehicle which enforces the beading of water and creates the run off effect. 
It offers easy cleaning, is chemical resistant and improves driving safety in rain weather conditions.
This is a must have product to ensure clear visibility.

scotch guard

Interior Protection

Crystal Coat Interior Protection is specifically designed interior products that provide formulated protection to the interior of the vehicle. 

Scotchguard and Leather or Vinyl treatments are inclusive to the Crystal Coat complete product protection offering. The following processes are explained when carrying out the treatment on the vehicle depending on the interior. The INTERIOR PROTECTION APPLICATION comes with a 36 month warranty.

The resistance of everyday stains – coffee, mud, ice-cream, water-based products spilled on your carpets and seats.  The SCOTCHGUARDING repels the spillages by beading up. This can be cleaned with an absorbent cloth.

Leather and Vinyl Treatment
The leather conditioner is a product specifically designed to clean and condition and preserve the strength of old and new leather retaining its colour and soft feel.   The leather conditioner is of high standards and not only feeds the leather but prevents damage from UV rays. 

Dash and Vinyl treatment protects against UV damage and restores your dash and preserves your panels. 

Interior Protection
Interior protection will shield your carpets, leather, vinyl and fabric from stains and prolong the life of your vehicle interior.
• 49% less wear on leather seats
• 34% less wear on fabric seats

Crystal Coat
Crystal Coat
Crystal Coat

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